guerilla marketing, now with kittens!

Today I printed some Seamripper logos on fabric with my Gocco. What a little work horse! I highly recommend it for anyone who likes making tiny art in small batches... if you can get your hands on one. They are an endangered species these days! I've had mine for ages and it still works like a dream. It's such a simple little all-in-one screenprinter, there aren't many moving parts and it's so low-tech, it would honestly be hard to break it without great effort ;)

I cut out the fabric and Moonunit helped me to enjoy the scraps in the sunshine. She was chasing light reflecting off of my fabric shears and generally being a very playful 10-year-old kitten. She watched intently as I cranked them through my Xyron to make them into stickers. We'll cut them out and add some info, then spread them across the city to spread the word. Let me know if you'd like one before they're all gone!


The Summer of Seamripper just needs a little Kickstart!

Click on our logo above to check out our Kickstarter Project!


my first machine...

It was a Strawberry Shortcake sewing machine. My granny had taught me to hand-sew and let me hand-crank her vintage in-table machine with the power off, but this was my first machine with electricity. Of course I was ecstatic. I couldn't even wait to set up a table for it, to find a level surface for the foot pedal, to think up a project, I wanted to sew on it NOW! I remember deciding I would feed the fabric through while a friend pressed the foot pedal with her hand... and then I sewed through my fingertip! Ms. Shortcake was whisked away, but I got right back to supervised sewing and have never looked back.


the magic of editing

There are several reasons why Seamripper is a studio band.

  • We work in a studio all day, so it's only fitting!
  • We use our instruments/machines professionally in very different ways.
  • Due to the highly experimental nature of our project, a live show wouldn't be all that riveting. 
  • Many of our instruments weigh more than we do.
  • The magic of editing will smooth out all the creases!
If you have concerns about our ability to put something unstoppable together with just studio sounds- never fear! This gentleman is evidence that with enough patience and the right tools, it can be done...


We're proud to present our brand new logo!

One of the rewards we'll offer to those who support us on Kickstarter is a logo pin emblazoned with your official Seamripper name. Just tell us your favorite color and leave the magic up to us...

Also hot off the presses, an all-purpose logo with Gingher-inspired type. tough + crafty.


promo video and photoshoot

Today we filmed the segments for our Kickstarter video. In the process, it became clear that Jade is a natural in front of the camera, and that I have a toothier grin than I ever could have imagined, which absolutely refused to be tamed by lipstick! We filmed some clips of our "instruments" in action, and laid out our best elevator pitch for the Summer of Seamripper.
We also took quite a few band photos... a word to the wise, it's easy to get carried away when attempting to look tough while holding a deadly seamripper!! And here's a teaser:

Untitled from seamripper on Vimeo.


kickstart our hearts

Kid tested... Kickstarter approved!
We're very excited to announce that our proposal was approved by Kickstarter and we'll soon be fundraising for Seamripper's first album! Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects, and with a quickly developing project and a dearth of recording equipment, it's the perfect place for us to start. In return for supporting Seamripper at any level, we will offer a wealth of enticing hand-made rewards. And we'll need your help to spread the word!

This week we're putting together a video articulating our vision (and deciding what to wear...) and we'll post it as soon as it's complete. Check back soon for updates on our first big step towards the Summer of Seamripper!


sound capture

As a studio band, most of the magic that is Seamripper will be due in large part to the quality of our recording. We need to be able to pick up the sweet "tink" of a pin drop in all of its splendor! So choosing the appropriate recording device is high on our to-do list. Though the performance end will be decidedly low-tech, we think our project will be best served by a crisp clean recording. So do we get a pocket-sized multi-tasker that we can take with us anywhere, or a stand-alone microphone?

Here's a few of the devices that we've got our eyes on. 

recording devices:


collecting ourselves

a breathtaking wall of sewing machines in Brighton

Heaven is a never-ending wall of vintage machines! I sit in a home with no less than six sewing machines, new and ancient, fully functional and door-stops... and yet I covet the gorgeous streamlined figures in that window! Image shamelessly culled from flickr (insert photo credit here).

rainbow button magic

Right now we're hoarding ideas with as much zeal as most crafters collect... well, everything really! We've entered the list-making stage of our project, and the lists are spawning lists of their own- potential lyrics and instruments intermingling on one overwrought page- there isn't enough paper to contain the stream of our consciousness. After another week of this rambling, we'll adjust the fine focus and get down to work! Stay tuned for more updates from our cold hands to your warm hearts.