hello, we are seamripper.

we are makers of noise
It's lovely to make your acquaintance!
Seamripper is a project designed to celebrate the cacophony of the sewing studio, to dissect, organize, and to bring it into sharper focus. The discordant fog of sound that surrounds us each day at work has a comforting familiarity. We have spent enough hours in the studio to be considered masters of our art, but just how much control do we have over the aural experience? Many of the individual noises are pleasing, like the tink of pins on a magnet wand or the unzipping of large plastic zipper teeth. Some are quite harsh- the deafening whir of the air compressor and the clang of a dropped sewing platform. The daintiest noises are some of the sweetest, like the swish and click of a pair of Gingher shears. 

We are spinning ideas and songwriting as we work, in preparation for the Summer of Seamripper. 
Please check in often and join us as we explore true industrial music.

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