So many thanks!

A huge thank you to everyone who pledged to our Kickstarter campaign... which has come to a quiet end! We are so grateful to all of you, and for the press that began to trickle in at the end! Check out our shout out on Wired and the great interview from Kate Bracaglia on AV Club!

We are putting together an Etsy shop for an alternative way of funding the project, and we'll soon be posting the same items that we offered as rewards through Kickstarter. So don't fret! You can still get your Seamripper tote or customized pin with your official Seamripper name on it!

The great response we've gotten from everyone we've spoken to about our ideas has meant so much- we're more excited than ever to explore the sounds of our studio and share them with all of you!

Thanks again!
Rose & Jade

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