guerillas in the midst...

of a Kickstarter campaign! We are one week into a four week long campaign to raise some capital for the Summer of Seamripper, and we're 14% of the way there! That's nothing to shake a seamripper at (don't try that at home) but we'll need to up our game to reach our goal. Remember, with Kickstarter, funding is all or nothing! 
Front and back of one card design, with sticker attached!
This weekend we kicked off our guerilla marketing with some hand-cut and screen-printed recycled-fabric-scrap stickers sewn to logo cards with a link to our Kickstarter site. We even made a QR code for it- it is the future, after all ;) We've been busy this week spreading the word about Seamripper, attaching logo pins to unsuspecting friends and spreading stickers across the city.
front side of 3/4 of our logo cards

Can you think of a gallery or shop that would be a great match with our mission and would like to display our cards? Let us know!


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